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Fees & Tuition

Registration Fee



1st-3rd Grades

4th-5th Grades

6th-8th Grades (Full Course Option)

6th-8th Grades (Study Hall + Electives)

6th-8th Grades (PM Electives Only)

Elective Fees

Bread Baking


Introduction to Drawing

Creative Crafting

Classic Cooking

Fundamentals of Design


$125 fee per family due with registration (Before April 30th)
$150 fee per family due with registration (After April 30th)

$929 ($103/month)
$929 ($103/month)
$974 ($108.23/month)
$974 ($108.23/month)
$904.83 ($100.54/month)

$479 ($53.23/month)








Tae Kwon Do Equipment Fees:

Beginner Students (White and Yellow) - $40 uniform fee.  If students have a regular white plain uniform, that is also acceptable.  Students who have trained with another school would also need a new uniform from our school.

Intermediate Students (Orange, Green, 1/2 Purple) - $20 Intermediate students will be receiving a pair of nunchaku for weapon training in addition to starting to learn falling techniques.

Advanced Students (Purple, Blue, Brown) - $145 Advanced students will be receiving sparring equipment and a new uniform and start learning how to spar.

High Belts (Red and 1/2 Black) - Please contact the instructor.

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