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Working Together to Make H.E.A.R.T. Beat

Service Commitment

The dedication of families to serve for a small fraction of the time that their children are enjoying H.E.A.R.T. makes for a fun and safe environment for our all. 



Parents of pre-kindergarten through third-grade students must commit to 4 volunteer sessions (4 sessions @ 3.5 hours per session = 14 hours) during the school year per enrolled child.  Parents of fourth through eighth-grade students must commit to 2 volunteer sessions (2 sessions @ 3.5 hours per session = 7 hours) during the school year per enrolled child. 

Volunteer Positions Include:

| Classroom Helper | Unit Study Lead | Nursery Helper |

| Teacher Appreciation | Pizza Day Coordinator |

This year, if you'd like to be a class aid, we are allowing you to schedule your own volunteer sessions at the most convenient times.  Details regarding scheduling yourself for volunteer sessions will be sent with your registration confirmation letter. 

Teacher and Pupils


Free child care for younger siblings will be provided in the nursery during your volunteer time.

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned volunteer commitment, you must find a replacement.


We understand that it is challenging for some families to fulfill their required volunteer hours. If that describes your situation, you can pay $52.50/volunteer session ($15/hour x 3.5 hour session = $52.50) to HEART, and we will reduce tuition by the same amount for the HEART parent who serves for you. 

Teacher and Pupils
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