Class Description  

Opening: Each H.E.A.R.T. session beings with the students joining together for a devotional, prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and announcements.

3D Art (4th-6th Grade Elective): Do you love creating things with your hands, forming art in three dimension?  Then this is the class for you.  Learn the techniques and principles of balance and structure as we work in a variety of media.  We will start with clay relief sculpture! 

Advanced Art (4th-6th Grade Elective): Advanced art is a class designed for students who display a love for art and have a desire to use these gifts to make an impact in our world. Students will be guided through creating fine art pieces. This class is recommended for mature 4th graders and up. An additional supplies fee will be charged for this course.

Art (K-3rd Grades): Art classes draw inspiration from God’s Word, historical and contemporary artists, as well as foundational principles of art. Lessons include drawing, painting and mixed media. Students are encouraged to draw step-by-step to help them understand shapes, art elements, a variety of techniques and execute good craftsmanship. The goal for each class is to facilitate a studio environment that encourages a relaxed and calm atmosphere where skill development and individual creativity is celebrated and where students build one another up as they see artistic expression in their peers.

Bible Study (4th-8th Grade Elective): Our children are bombarded daily with competing messages. Every song, movie, book, TV show, blog, and game is full of ideas – ideas about God, people, truth, beauty, and right and wrong. Not all of these ideas are true. Some are deceptive and even destructive. We will learn to discern the truth by using God’s Word as a lens through which to view the world around us, to see everything the way God sees it.

Business Basics (4th-8th Grade Elective): Take advantage of this intriguing class that gives students the opportunity to learn at their own level while exploring business concepts!

Cooking and Baking (4th-8th Grade Elective): Steam, sauté, bake and boil! Your student will learn these cooking techniques and so much more in this fun kitchen adventure! From knife skills and kitchen safety to flavor pairings and world cuisine to nutrition and healing foods, cooking class will be a delicious exploration of all things culinary. In the baking portion of the class your student will dive into the ingredients, methods, and flavors of baking. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the science behind baking… What makes bread rise? How does caramelizing work? What is the origin of the popular grains we use in our favorite baked goods. (We include a little gluten-free baking, but this class is not recommended for students with entirely gluten-free diets.)

Cool Chemistry (4th-8th Grade Elective): This hands-on class will give students the opportunity to explore chemical reactions and chemical changes.  Using everyday materials, students will be amazed at the experiments they are doing and the concepts they are learning!  We hope to motivate students and inspire them to be excited to take on a future chemistry class!

Critical Thinking (4th-8th Grade Elective): The most effective way to foster critical thinking skills is to teach those skills explicitly. Studies suggest that students become remarkably better problem-solvers when we teach them to: analyze analogies; create categories and classify items appropriately; identify relevant information; construct and recognize valid deductive arguments; test hypotheses; recognize common reasoning fallacies; distinguish between evidence and interpretations of evidence. This class will focus on developing those very skills in your student. 

Drama (K-3rd Grade Elective): Our drama class encourages creativity, self expression and team work.  Students will get the opportunity to: create, act, and direct!  Join us as we explore different genres of drama and have a lot of fun in the process! 

Food Gardening (4th-8th Grades): As they cultivate an appreciation for God’s creative hand, students will learn all about growing- from seed to harvest! This class will cover general botany, seed-starting, seedling and mature plant care, composting, planning a garden, first fruits and more. (Space for transplanting at home is a plus, but not necessary, as container crops will be included in the curriculum.)

Forensics (4th-8th Grades): The fear of speaking in public places plagues 75 percent of adults. This fear could inhibit our children from making a significant impact on this world for Christ. In this class, students will learn the essentials of public speaking through a variety of speech formats including apologetics. Approximately one speech per month will be assigned, but parents have the option to make adjustments to fit their child’s schoolwork schedule.

LEGO Robotics (4th-8th Grade Elective): STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an important emphasis of education today.  In this class students will learn about robotics and other important concepts in science. Problem solving activities such as building a toothpick bridge and circuits will challenge the students to learn about STEM in a new way. 

LEGO Stop Motion Animation (4th-8th Grade Elective): In this class students are able to create their very own movie by using LEGO and specialized computer software. In addition to the students having great fun, this class will teach them important concepts like storytelling and technology while making a great movie. At the end of the class, students will receive a DVD of their movie.

Music Class (K-3rd Grade Elective): Every child can learn to sing, develop musical skills, and acquire musical knowledge. In our general music curriculum, we cover five areas: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre (how voices and instruments sound), and expressive controls (the terms that tell us how to do music).  Multiple areas are addressed each week as the classes sing music, play music, and listen to and talk about well-known pieces of music and composers. 

Performance (4th-8th Grade Elective): This class will provide students with an excellent opportunity to take part in a musical production!  Our class is great for students who love drama and singing but also for those who like to have fun an want to grow their self esteem and confidence. 

Phun Physics (4th-8th Grade Elective): In this first exposure to physics, students will have complex concepts come alive in a tangible way as they create electricity circuits, explore the power of magnets, experience the laws of motion, discover properties of aerodynamics, build simple machines, and more!

Physical Education (All): The goal of our P.E. class is to develop healthy children in mind, body, and spirit through quality sports skills instruction focused on sportsmanship, character building, role modeling in excellence, and training for fit, healthy bodies—all in a fun and safe environment.

Project Club (4th-8th Grade Elective): In this class students will have the opportunity to express their creativity hands-on through crafts. We will be undertaking a variety of projects ranging from crafts that can be helpful around the home to more artistic displays and décor. We will be learning different crafting techniques and focusing on how, in addition to being fun, crafts can serve as a means of ministering to and encouraging others around us. An additional supplies fee will be charged for this course. 

Science (K-3rd Grades): There are several essential concepts that are the foundation of understanding all the sciences. A few of these “essentials” are observation, problem solving, and creative thinking. Our science curriculum is designed to provide those essentials to give students the skills to observe things around them, ask questions (wonder) about that which they see, and then logically pursue those questions. The curriculum is very hands-on and minds-on with almost every concept reinforced by an experiment, activity or demonstration.

Sewing (4th-8th Grade Elective): Sewing is a skill that can has a great many uses! From mending clothes to making gifts to crafting meaningful memories, sewing is not only practical but also lots of fun. This course will cover basic sewing skills such as threading a needle, tying a knot and simple stitches. We’ll also complete lots of projects that will allow ample time to practice basic skills as well as improve technique and get creative.

Sign Language (4th-8th Grade Elective): The class is designed for both beginners and advanced beginners of sign language. Some of the things that students enrolled in this class will learn are: the alphabet, family members, feelings, colors, numbers, household items, important phrases, and even Bible verses!

Snack/Lunch: Each child must bring his/her own ready-to-eat food for a morning snack and lunch. We ask that children refrain from sharing their food with others due to food allergies. We also recommend that your child carry a water bottle in his/her backpack as an easy way to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Spanish (All):

Spanish for grades K-2:
This year we will be using the Song School Spanish program. This class is a great opportunity for young students to learn Spanish vocabulary, common phrases, and beginning grammar. We will be singing songs, playing games, reading stories, and enjoying fun activities which promote second language learning. Each child will need his/her own book which comes with a CD of all the songs (Kindergarteners will receive only the CD.). There are many resources available so that our students can practice Spanish at home. is a free website where students can practice the Spanish vocabulary by playing games. MP3 files of all the vocabulary and extra songs are also included when you purchase the Song School Spanish book.

Spanish for grades 3-8:
This year we will be using the Spanish for You! curriculum. Students learn vocabulary and expressions used in everyday life as well as several grammar concepts. Grammar concepts will include some verb conjugations. Cultural connections are made in order to connect language learning with a people. Classes are designed to develop the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write Spanish. Classes begin with warm-up activities that allow students to listen, observe and interact in Spanish with already learned vocabulary and concepts. New material is presented through games, activities, and direct instruction. Your child does not need any prior Spanish learning experience to begin at his/her grade level. The curriculum is specially designed to allow for new students to begin learning at their grade level along with students who have had previous experience. There is a home component to this program if you choose to use it. The homework will involve using a workbook, audio download, worksheets and assigned activities.

Strategic Games (4th-8th Grade Elective): Students will have access to and supervision while they battle each other in Chess, Risk, Battleship, and more.

Tae Kwon Do (4th-8th Grade Elective): Learn Tae Kwon Do from an experienced professional!

Unit Study (K-3rd Grades): Each month, students are exposed to a new area of study with the help of parent volunteers. In the past, our children have experienced and enjoyed topics such as: chess, sign language, character building, public speaking, oceanography and entrepreneurship. This year’s unit study topics will be determined in July. 

Closing: Each session ends with announcements, a de-brief about the day’s activities and prayer.